This FAQ answers some questions students typically have when they start this course. This is not comprehensive, so you should read the syllabus here.

What do I do on Tele-BEARS?

Sign up for CS 98 if you're taking Unit 0. Only sign up for CS 61AS units for Units 1-4. For example, if you're taking Units 0-3, sign up for 1 unit of CS 98 and 3 units of CS 61AS.

How does attendance work?

You get 0.5 points for every hour that you're in lab or discussion. When you're in lab, attendance should be automatically recorded if your are logged into a lab computer and your terminal is open. If you think the number of attendance points you have on glookup is wrong, contact a TA or make a private post on Piazza.

How do deadlines work?

There is a deadline for each homework assignment, and a deadline for each unit. The unit deadline is the last day to take quizzes for that unit. For Units 1-4, it is also the last day to turn the project for that unit The deadlines can be found on the calendar.

How are homeworks and projects graded?

Homeworks are graded on effort, while projects are graded on correctness. See the syllabus for details.

How do slip days work?

You start out with 6 slip days. For each day that your assignment is late, you burn one slip day. If you burn all your slip days, you cannot get any credit for late homeworks. If you turn the next homework in on time and it passes the autograder, you get your slip days back.

Remember: you can only use your slip days on homeworks, not projects!

Is this course curved?

No. Your letter grade is determined solely by the number of points you earn. There is no limit on how many students can receive a certain letter grade.

I have other questions!

Contact a TA or make a post on Piazza.
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