Project 1 - Chatterbot

It's time to put your skills to the test. In our lessons and homework, we've created small projects with no more than a few lines of code. Now we're going to complete a larger project: Chatterbot.

A chatterbot is a program that is able to "talk" with a user and simulate a conversation. We are going to implement some simple chatterbots in this project using concepts that you've learned in this unit.

To get the skeleton code for this project, type in the terminal:

cp -r ~cs61as/lib/chatterbot/ .

You can also download the files individually here.

You should then have a directory called chatterbot with four files inside:

  • readme.txt contains instructions and questions for this project.
  • chatterbot.rkt is the main file for Chatterbot. You will be writing all of your code (not including tests) here.
  • grader.rkt is an autograder for this project. Note that it is not comprehensive. You will write your own tests here, and they will count as part of your project grade.
  • adjectives.rkt contains a list of adjectives. Do not modify this file!

This is an individual project. You may bounce ideas off of your classmates, but sharing or copying other people's code (or code you find online) is considered cheating. The CS 61AS academic dishonesty policy can be found on the syllabus page.

Before you submit, make sure your file loads without any errors. Submissions that do not load properly will receive no credit.

If you have any questions, please ask on Piazza, in office hours, or during lab.

Have fun!

Project 1 - Chatterbot