Combining Your Work for Part 1

Combining Work

You've finished Part 1 of the Adventure Game! At this point, you should have finished Questions 1, 2, A3-A5, and B3-B5. Now is the time to combine these answers into one file. Make sure everything still works correctly after merging.


Make sure you make a transcript that shows us your project works! To be complete, it should adequately test all of your modifications, for both partners. If you can't get something to work, include it in the transcript as well, as you may get partial credit for conscious errors.

What's Ahead

The second part of the project includes three exercises for each partner, but you must read each other's code midway, because one partner's Questions 7 and 8 build on the other partner's Question 6. Finally, Question 9 requires the two partners' work to be combined. You will have to create a version of adv.scm that has both partners' changes. This may take some thinking! If both parners modify the same method in the same object class, you'll have to write a version of the method that incorporates both modifications.