Submitting Your Project

Submission Files

The files that you will need to submit for this project are:

  • adv.scm
  • adv-world.scm
  • transcript

These files should include solutions to Questions 1-9 for both partners. Make sure you have added comments to your code highlighting all of the changes you've made. Your answers to Question 2 can be in adv-world.scm or you transcript, as long as it is commented out properly.

Make sure you clearly indicate at the top of adv.scm which partner is Partner A and which is Partner B.

Submitting Through the Terminal

ONLY ONE PARTNER SHOULD SUBMIT THE PROJECT. Navigate into your adventure directory and type the following into your terminal:

submit proj3

When you submit, it will prompt you for your partner's login. (If it prompts you to put another login, type . and press enter.)

To ensure submission went well, both partners should type

glookup -t

to check for the submission. This command gives you a list of all submitted assignments, as well as when they were submitted.

If you need to re-submit your project for any reason, have the same person as before submit the file. If this is not possible, send your reader an email as a heads-up clarifying the situation.


Congrats, you're done! Go outside and ask Brian to buy you a bagel from Noah's and eat it at Sproul Hall. Wait, there's a life outside of adv.scm, right?