Homework 12

To get homework file, on an instructional account type: cp ~cs61as/autograder/templates/hw12.scm .

Exercise 1

Abelson & Sussman, exercises 4.22 and 4.23.

Exercise 2

Abelson & Sussman, exercises 4.27 and 4.29.

Exercise 3

This exercise is crucial to understanding the concepts of this lesson.

Abelson & Sussman, exercises 4.25, 4.26 and 4.28.

Exercise 4

This exercise is less crucial, but still goes over very important concepts.

Abelson & Sussman, exercises 4.30, 4.32 and 4.33.

Exercise 5: Extra for Experts

Do this if you want to. This is NOT for credit.

Abelson & Sussman, exercise 4.31. This exercise doesn't require great brilliance, but it's a lot of work and involves a lot of debugging of details. On the other hand, completing this exercise will teach you a lot about the evaluator.

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