Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Self-Paced*)
Spring 2016
Instructor: Caryn Tran
Class: MWF 10am–12pm, 277 Soda
OH: M 9AM-10AM 277 Soda, T 3:30PM-4:30PM 341A Soda
HW Party: F 12PM-1PM 341B Soda
Welcome to CS 61AS!

CS 61AS is a introductory computer science class at the University of California, Berkeley. We use course material derived from the classic textbook Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, as well as newer content developed here at Berkeley. Our primary programming languages are Racket and Scheme.

For more information about this course, see our syllabus. To view alternative introductory computer sciences courses, check out this page.

While we encourage students outside of Berkeley to use our course material, please understand that this is a fairly new course, and it is still a work in progress. Many parts of our textbook are currently under development.

Course Overview